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José Alemán, a correspondent for Tiempo newspaper and Radio América, decided to leave the country after two armed men broke into his home and fired their guns in his bedroom last Sunday in the town of San Marcos, Ocotepeque, the Committee to Protect Journalists reports. read more »

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The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) will offer online training courses in English and Spanish to Hispanic journalists and U.S. colleagues who cover finance issues for minority and immigrant communities. The courses are scheduled to start April 26 and end on July 28, ICFJ explains. The application deadline is April 10. read more »

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Senators from the three main parties are considering harsh new sanctions on news organizations. Three separate bills under study by commissions in both chambers of Congress would guarantee the right of reply in cases where media transmit inaccurate, false, or offensive information, El Universal reports. read more »

The London-based Index on Censorship awarded one of its annual Freedom of Expression awards to The Voice (La Voz) of Bagua, a radio station that was caught in the middle of violent protests last year between indigenous protesters and government forces. read more »

Human rights campaigners and community leaders demonstrated outside the headquarters of the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel) to protest the closure of Channel 53 (Cibao TV Club), Dominican Today reports. read more »

A court in western Venezuela has sentenced TV host and blogger Gustavo Azócar to two years and six months in prison for illegal enrichment but will allow him to serve that sentence while on probation. read more »

Adela Gómez is known for her investigations of political power in Santa Cruz province. Her car was doused with gasoline and set on fire while parked outside her home early Sunday in Caleta Olivia, La Nación newspaper reports. Police say the act was intentional, and managers of the Radio 21 station where she works call it an attack. read more »

A judge ordered Emilio Palacio, opinion editor of El Universo newspaper, to serve three years in prison and pay $10,000 in legal costs for insulting the director of the government's National Financial Corp., the Associated Press reports. Palacios called the ruling an example of "total concentration of power" and said he would appeal, the AP and El Universo say. read more »

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The Association for Civil Rights (ADC) has sought a court order to require the executive branch to furnish data about its advertising expenses in the second half of 2009, Clarín reports. The government maintains that the information contains personal data and is exempt from the rule that obliges it to turn over public information, La Nación explains. read more »

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IJNet notes that journalists who are experienced covering the social and economic impacts of HIV/AIDS can apply for one of 30 fellowships to attend a four-day training program that will take place in Vienna before the 18th International AIDS Conference in July. read more »

Karol Cabrera, who has suffered three armed attacks on her life in three months, declared herself a political exile and refused to leave the military hospital in Tegucigalpa where she is recovering from bullet wounds, the Associated Press (AP) reports (Spanish). (Also see AP's story in English.) read more »

Members of the National Assembly have urged justice officials to investigate remarks by TV executive Guillermo Zuloaga for possible criminal implications, El Nacional and El Carabobeño report. read more »

The digital newspaper El Faro (The Lighthouse) has published an exclusive interview with former Capt. Rafael Saravia, who participated in the assassination of the archbishop of El Salvador, Óscar Romero March 24, 1980. read more »

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The government of President Álvaro Uribe has offered $26,000 for information leading to those responsible for the shooting death last Friday (March 19) of Clodomiro Castilla Ospino, in Montería (northern Colombia), El Colombiano newspaper reports (Spanish). read more »

Amid growing criticism over the vulnerability of journalists and the impunity in crimes against them, officials in Guerrero state have arrested a taxi driver who is suspected of being the perpetrator of the killing of reporter Jorge Ochoa Martínez last January, Notimex reports. read more »

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The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) expects to convene 250 editors and publishers from throughout the Americas at its mid-year meeting in Aruba, March 19-22. In addition to its reports on the state of press freedom and freedom of expression, the sessions will examine the role of social networks and the media in earthquake-stricken Haiti, and ways to help news organizations and journalists there. read more »

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Federal police intensified their search Friday in northern Peru for José Enrique Crousillat, a former TV network owner who went into hiding this week after the government reversed a decision that pardoned him while he was serving a prison sentence for taking bribes. According to Correo newspaper, Crousillat was believed to be hiding in the Lambayeque region of northwestern Peru. read more »

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Criticism and accusations against City Hall have made two Guatemala City newspapers— Prensa Libre and elPeriódico—targets of a campaign aimed at smearing the two media, the Cerigua news service reports. read more »

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Unidentified gunmen killed David Meza, a reporter for local and national radio, as he was driving near his home in the coastal city of La Ceiba, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reports. Meza, a reporter for the local radio station El Patio and for the national broadcaster Radio America, was shot by the occupant of a van who pulled next to his car and fired several times, CPJ says. read more »

President Rafael Correa partially vetoed a proposed Citizen Participation Law and suggested a measure that would permit citizens to request accountability from the media once a year, similar to that of public enterprises, reportó El Tiempo reports.

For Correa, media are a public service and should be accountable to the population, El Universo adds. read more »

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