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Mexican presidential candidate paid millions of dollars to journalists for "mentions" in the media

How much does a journalist in Mexico cost? According to an article in the Mexican newspaper Reforma, the answer could be hundreds of thousands of dollars if it's for Joaquín López Dóriga, news host for Televisa, the main Mexican broadcaster.

The Reforma article, published Friday, May 11, made public receipts showing that current presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto paid roughly $2.4 million for journalistic "mentions" during his tenure as governor of the state of Mexico from 2005 to 2011, reported Proceso. Of this amount, journalist Joaquín López Dóriga received about $680,000 between January 2006 and July 2007. The payments do not include ad space purchased on Televisa, said Reforma.

The receipts the newspaper obtained via an information request show other payments made by Peña Nieto, according to the site Sin Embargo. Those total more than $590,000 for interviews and broadcasts about his administration paid to two radio stations.

Radio journalist Oscar Mario Beteta, of the station Radio Fórmula, said he never received a dollar for the comments López Dóriga made as a guest on the news program "Los Tiempos de la Radio." “I don't know how much he charged for the comments,” Beteta said on his show Friday, May 11.

In his own defense, the presidential candidate, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI in Spanish), said the payments were not made to receive favorable journalistic coverage but rather were for sponsorships that aired before the journalists' comments, Reforma explained.

“Chayote” is the colloquial term in Mexico to refer to government payoffs to the press to censor, highlight, or manipulate information. The practice was commonplace during the 71 straight years that the PRI ruled in México, but was mostly eradicated after the PRI lost control of the presidency in 2000.

According to polls, Peña Nieto is favored to win the Mexican presidential election on July 1, reported CNN México.


John wrote 5 years 48 weeks ago

that is not a good sign of

that is not a good sign of being a politician..thanks

Guest wrote 5 years 48 weeks ago

quieren burlarnos

soy mexicana. vivimos aterrados por la inseguridad, desesperanza e indignación porque los gobiernos del PAN Y PRI, josefina vazquez mota y enrique peña nieto, son cómplices del narco, sólo están preocupados por saquear las riquezas, por proporcionar impunidad a los poderes fácticos, por complacer a televisa y tz azteca, dueñas, duopolio de la televisión, por hacerse muy ricos a expensas de muchos muchos pobres. Han sumido intencionalmente a los mexicanos en la ignorancia para que seamos apáticos, comodinos, indifentes, sin criterio propio, borregos.... pero ya no pueden sostenerse con sus mentiras... todo méxico quiere votar por Andrés Manuel López Obrador para presidente y, como va arriba en las encuestas, quieren hacer todo lo posible por que él no gane, cuando es quien goza de la mayoría!

Guest wrote 5 years 49 weeks ago


He's not winning the polls, he is manipulating them. The candidate who's really winning the polls is López Obrador. The youth in Mexico shows us how hated he is, search in youtube if you do not believe.

Azulada wrote 5 years 49 weeks ago

Just one comment: polls are

Just one comment: polls are beautifully manipulated, most people within the whole country don't want Peña for president, media are on the side of Peña because of the payments made, you can notice that in every news, interviews or analysis TV programs. If you enter Twitter trendings and search for peña you will find lots of TTs against him which have been for hours in first place so mentioned as world TT. It is incredible what they are doing, lots of money there, but we are lots of people too who don't want him and who will not vote him on July 1st. They are trying to cheat people, but a heavy corruption has been behind them for years and we all know that. You can also look for a sample searching what happened yesterday morning at the Universidad Iberoamericana (better known as "Ibero") at Twitter or Youtube. Don't search at news because all of them are distorted. Regards. A citizen who loves Mexico very much and is proud of her country.

Alejo Espinoza wrote 5 years 49 weeks ago

Same case almost everywhere... but...

Hi everyone over there. Just as you said. Even today Politicians almost all of them, pay to journalists and TV presenters, some of them ask for it, and others just accept what someone gives. And because of this, Politicians can say terrible lies like "I go ahead in the election..." But... There are some institutions; still who doesn't approve this brives.. here you have an example...
As you can see here in Mexico we have a corrupt system who tries to keep things just as they are today, bu... not all of us participate in this, millions of people want and will force a change, you will see on July 1th.

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