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Bolivian president launches digital state-run TV channel to "democratize communication"

The night of Thursday, May 10, the same day Bolivian president Evo Morales criticized the press for twisting information, the president launched a digital, HD version of the official state-run digital TV channel, Bolivia TV HD, with the alleged goal of "democratizing communication" and promoting cultural diversity, reported the newspaper La Razón and the Argentine digital news site Télam.

According to, although the goal of a national channel is to objectively report the news and contribute to social and cultural development, in the case of Bolivia, Bolivia TV has never been that way and has been more for government propaganda.

The news site El Deber reported that Morales said that the new channel will enable a "better understanding of the Bolivian reality," while the minister of Communication, Amanda Dávila, said that the right to communication is not a "privilege of journalists", according to Telesur.

On April 23, Morales'administration was criticized by the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) for being "arbitrary and intolerant" toward the press.

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