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Storify: Panel participants suggest prevention and protection strategies for journalists

The last panel of the 10th annual Austin Forum on Journalism in the Americas discussed ways of helping journalists, bloggers and citizen journalists in hostile environments. The panel, moderated by Ricardo Uceda, resulted in several suggestions from the experts in the subject. This Storify compiles the tweets from the audience during the panel "Prevention and Protection Strategies."

The blogger for Global Voices Renata Ávila of Guatemala started her presentation asking the audience who locked their computer with a password. After the low amount of positive replies, she stressed the importance of journalists to protect themselves digitally. Carlos Dada, founder and director of the digital newspaper El Faro of El Salvador, said that journalists needs physical, emotional, electronic and political security. He also called for international attention to the gravity of the situation in Honduras, which has been overlooked because of the dimension of the problems in Mexico. Rodney Pinder, executive director of the International News Safety Institute (INSI), said that no one cares for journalists better than journalists themselves, and said that journalists need to work more with organizations, media owners and syndicates. The director of Article 19 in Mexico, Dario Ramirez, said that in order to protect journalists, we must deal with impunity. Lastly, the founder and director for Global Journalism Safety Frank Smyth explained that, in hostile situations, journalists have three choices: fight, flight or freeze, and that there is a need to strengthen investigative journalism in order to protect journalists.

This year's Austin Forum is themed "Safety and Protection for Journalists, Bloggers, and Citizen Journalists," and is organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and the Latin America and Media programs of the Open Society Foundations.

See the Storify below, created by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, for a snapshot of the various tweets posted during the panel "Prevention and Protection Strategies" on Tuesday, May 22.


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