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New Orleans, Alabama newspapers to cut print editions and focus on online news

Beginning this fall, New Orleans will become the largest U.S. city to be without a daily printed newspaper, according to Poynter. The Louisiana city's 175-year-old Times-Picayune newspaper announced that it is cutting back to just three days a week in print, and that daily news coverage will be available only online, explained the Washington Post.

While local philanthropist Anne Milling has created a Facebook group, Save the Picayune in an effort to rally the city to keep the printed newspaper, reported WWNO radio, The New York Times pointed out that similar digital experiments where the printed versions were cut, such as in Michigan, have proven to be sustainable as a way to avoid closing the newspaper entirely, as happened with the Rocky Mountain Times in Colo.

Meanwhile, three Alabama newspapers also are cutting their printed versions back to just three days a week, Poynter said. The Birmingham News, the Press-Register of Mobile, and The Huntsville Times all limit daily coverage to online as of this fall, according to

New Orleans' digital experiment could prove tricky because of limited Internet access within the city, said The New York Times. Still, limiting the print version is a way to deal with declining circulation and ad revenues that continue to plague the newspaper industry.


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