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Millenial generation calls news media garbage, boring, and one-sided, says academic's book

A University of Texas at Austin journalism professor has exposed a challenge for the media industry with the recent publication of her book detailing how millenials — people born in the 1980s and 1990s — consider the news to be repetitive, boring, lies, one-sided, propaganda, and garbage.

Prof. Paula Poindexter also found African American millenials feel news organizations portray them negatively and are “at least six times more likely than whites, Asians and Hispanics” to give the media a failing grade.

Poindexter's book, Millenials, News and Social Media: Is News Engagement a thing of the Past?, addresses how millenials feel about news coverage of their generation, why they are not following the news, and what news organizations can do to engage an important segment of the population.

"Unless we do something in the future, we are not going to have anyone consuming news," said Poindexter in an interview on Thursday, Sept. 20.

Poindexter is scheduled to appear on Huffington Post Live at 11:30 a.m. CST to talk about her book, which has been profiled by The Huffington Post.


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