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Missing Brazilian reporter found dead, killed in crime of passion

After going missing for eight days, Brazilian journalist Anderson Leandro da Silva was found dead in a rural area outside Quatro Barras, in the city of Curitiba, on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 18, reported the newspaper Gazeta do Povo.

According to the tactical police unit that found the body, the crime does not appear to be related to Silva’s work as a journalist but rather was a crime of passion, reported the newspaper O Dia. Suspect Henrique Weslley Oliveira Woisky, 20 years old, was arrested and confessed he killed the reporter for revenge. Supposedly, Weslley’s wife, 16 years old, and Silva were having an affair, reported the website Tribuna Hoje.

Silva, 38, disappeared on Wednesday, Oct. 10, after supposedly leaving the video production company where he worked for a work-related meeting. The reporter was known for his role in covering social movements in Paraná state. Nearly 300 people demonstrated on Thursday, Oct. 18, demanding an investigation into his disappearance.


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