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Grupo Clarín denies lawsuit against journalists for "inciting violence" in Argentina

After being criticized for naming journalists in a lawsuit over inciting violence, the Argentine media giant Clarín clarified in a statement that the reporters were mentioned only as possible witnesses, according to the newspaper Clarín on Monday, Nov. 26.

Days before, the newspaper Página 12 reported that Grupo Clarín had sued three journalists from other media companies for "inciting violence and aggravated coercion," a lawsuit which also included public officials, legislators and political groups.

The journalists mentioned in the lawsuit linked the Clarín newspaper to the organization of protests by police officers and officials that took place at the end of September, according to the website O223. Among those named were journalist Roberto Caballero, director and founder of Tiempo Argentino; Sandra Russo, journalist for TV Pública and the newspaper Página 12, and Javier Vicente, host of the program Fútbol para Todos.

However, Grupo Clarín's lawyer, Hugo Wortman Jofré, denied that there was a lawsuit against the journalists and that the litigation requested an investigation into whether there was incitement to violence in statements about the protest, according to the newspaper La Voz.

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