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New report says men, people with a college education and the young are the 'most engaged' mobile news readers in the U.S.

A new report from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism and The Economist Group found that men, the young, and college-educated individuals are the "most engaged" newsreaders on mobile devices in the United States.

The report "The Demographics of Mobile News," released on Dec. 11, stated that U.S. men read more news on mobile devices than women; young people read almost as much news as older Americans when counting mobile consumption; and that younger readers prefer a "print-like" reading experience to multimedia features on mobile devices. 

The Pew Center said on its website that the findings reflected general trends in news reading with a few exceptions. For instance, age and education provided some surprises: while mobile-device owners are adding to their news consumption, the trend does not play out across all age groups. Readers over 50 and those with less education were more likely to use their mobile devices to supplement news they got from traditional sources, while younger, college educated readers were more likely to limit their news consumption to mobile devices only. 

Readers across the board, including younger ones, preferred a "print-like" presentation of the news on mobile devices. Despite the fact that media organizations develop apps tailored to mobile viewing, almost 60 percent of those surveyed said they read the news through a web browser on their tablet or smartphone.

The report was a follow-up to a previous study, "The Future of Mobile News," which found that people in the U.S. consume more news when they own more mobile devices. 

Released on October, that report noted that on a regular weekday, tablet-owners spend in average 51 minutes getting the news, while smartphone-owners spend 54 minutes. However, people who own both devices spend 64 minutes each weekday getting news on their tablets and 54 additional ones on their smartphones.

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The Project for Excellence in Journalism based its findings on a survey of 9,513 U.S. adults conducted from June-August 2012, including 4,638 mobile device owners.  Click here for a full description of the report's methodology. 

Correction 12/13/12: The original version of this story incorrectly stated the information regarding the relationship between news consumption and mobile-device ownership came from the Pew Research Center's "The Demographics of Mobile News." The information was actually obtained from the Pew's earlier report, "The Future of Mobile News."


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