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Knight Foundation launches News Challenge on topic of open government

The Knight Foundation opened on Tuesday its first Knight News Challenge of the year on the topic of Open Government under the guiding question: “How might we improve the way citizens and governments interact?”

"This News Challenge is an opportunity to accelerate promising ideas and trends. Our definition of 'open government' is broad, and ranges from small projects within existing structures to ambitious attempts to create entirely new ones," wrote the Knight Foundation on the Challenge's website.

The Challenge starts today Feb. 12 with the “Inspiration” phase, which is meant to provide a space for “innovators, community leaders and government officials” to share their own thoughts on the topic. Their ideas will be featured by the Knight Foundation to inspire more project proposals.

The Foundation will end this phase and begin accepting submissions on Feb. 19. Visit the Challenge's web site for more details.

"Through this contest, we hope to help extend the spirit of open gov and to catalyze partnerships between hackers, civic innovators, governments, journalists and others," the Knight Foundation said. "We also want to drive more open government wins in local communities, particularly beyond big cities. And we want to reinforce the idea that the promise of open government cuts across ideological, demographic and geographic lines."

The Knight Foundation funds media innovation projects through its News Challenges. Last month, the Knight Foundation awarded $2.4 million to eight recipients as part of its Mobile Innovation News Challenge.

Watch the video below in which Michael Maness, VP of Journalism and Media Innovation, explains why the Foundation chose the topic of open government and the projects they are looking for.


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