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"It's Colombia, not Columbia": social media campaigners want you to spell their country's name correctly

An image taken from the group's Facebook page.

 “It’s Colombia, not Columbia” is the name of a campaign started by four Colombians on social networks to make sure their country’s name is spelled correctly, said Colombian newspaper El Tiempo.

It all started when a group of Colombians was invited to participate in New York’s Social Media Week as “Columbian representatives.” They decided to correct the error through social networks, creating the “It’s Colombia, not Columbia” page on Facebook, said Univision.

Although it started as a way to correct what has become a common spelling mistake, the campaign is turning into a way to change Colombia’s image in the world, according to the Washington Post.

“When we say we’re from Colombia, Hollywood images of drugs and cocaine are the first things people talk about. We don’t want to deny our past, but people should be updated about the good things happening in our country today and that starts with spelling Colombia correctly,” said one of the group’s leaders to NBC Latino.

On their Facebook page, they describe themselves as “a social movement to promote a change in the way the rest of the world thinks about Colombia.”

The movement, started on Feb. 7 of this year, already has ten thousand likes on Facebook and 1,740 followers on Twitter.

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Jack wrote 5 years 2 weeks ago


Yes, sometimes I usually automatically spell Columbia with Colombia. And this is automatically thing happens for every people

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