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Tribune Company lays off 700 employees amid revenue declines, restructuring plans


The Tribune Company, which owns the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and six other daily newspapers, will lay off 700 employees as part of an effort to reorganize itself, the company announced on Wednesday.

Many of the cuts will be in the technology, marketing and noneditorial departments, reported the Chicago Tribune. Peter Liguori, president and CEO of Tribune Co., said that the company will not be reducing any of its frontline reporters or photographers, although there will be quite a few newsroom losses.

“Over time there will be some small reductions on the editorial side, but we want to maintain our best-in-class local journalism,” Liguori said.

The publishing staff at the Tribune Company makes up 6 percent of the company’s total workforce of 11,000 employees.

The company has seen an annual publishing revenue decline of $75 million to $100 million in past years and this reorganization tactic is being done in order to offset this decline, according to company executives. 

A memo sent out to employees on Wednesday said that as part of the effort to restructure itself the company will merge business areas of Tribune Publishing like advertising, marketing, manufacturing and digital media under one common leadership.

According to Liguori, Tribune also plans on investing more into digital growth as part of the reorganization. The company has created a new publishing component to be called Tribune Digital, naming Bill Adee, who joined the Tribune as a sports editor in 2002 and has been vice president of digital since 2009, as the head of the unit.

Meanwhile, Tribune Publishing is preparing to spin off as a separate company, but the CEO for the entity has yet to be named, according to executives.

Tribune Company eliminated 800 positions in 2012 alone and laid off 360 of its staff members in the first nine months of 2013, according to its third-quarter financial results.


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