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Photo auction on World Press Freedom Day to benefit family of slain Mexican journalist Gregorio Jiménez

By Amayeli Arnal-Reveles

The campaign FotoXGoyo will auction on May 3 -- World Press Freedom Day -- several images donated by Mexican and foreign photojournalists in benefit of the family of slain reporter Gregorio Jiménez de la Cruz, who was killed in the dangerous southeastern state of Veracruz in February this year.

The auction will feature images by prominent Mexican photographers like Elsa Medina, José Luis Cuevas, Marco Cruz, Pedro Valtierra and Ricardo Garibay, as well as material by foreign photojournalists like Tomás Munita and Eduardo Verdugo, among others. There will also be pictures from photographers who have won the World Press Photo award like Pedro Pardo, Fernando Brito and Guillermo Arias.

Jiménez de la Cruz's family will receive the funds raised during the event.

"Goyo, as he was known among his colleagues, earned 20 pesos ($1.53) per story and represented his wife and five children's main economical support. Having no social security, his death leaves his family economically unprotected," wrote the auction's organizing committee in the campaign's site.

The photographs will be exhibited at the photography school "Gimnasio de Arte" in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. For more information about the campaign and to see samples of the photographs that will be auctioned, visit the campaign's site

Jiménez de la Cruz, who covered crime for newspapers Notisur and Liberal del Sur, was kidnapped in February by a group of armed men close to his home in the municipality of Coatzacoalcos. His body was found in a clandestine grave on Feb. 11.

Authorities from the state of Veracruz have stated that Jiménez de la Cruz was killed for personal reasons, but a recent report by a visiting mission of several journalism organizations called investigators not to discard Jiménez de la Cruz's work as a journalist as a possible motive for the crime.

Veracruz has become one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists. Since 2010, ten journalists have been killed in the state, according to press freedom organization Article 19.

More than 60 attacks against members of the press have been registered in Mexico so far this year, according to a recent report by Article 19.

The auction is supported by national and international organizations like Periodistas de a Pie, Casa de los Periodistas, Prensa No Disparen, Article 19, Reporters Without Borders and the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.


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