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How to use data journalism tools: Knight Center's new online course in Spanish

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas will offer the Massive Online Course (or MOOC) “Digital Tools for Data Journalism” with the Argentine journalist and instructor Sandra Crucianelli. The course in Spanish will last five weeks from August 18 to September 21 and anyone with access to the internet can participate (see here to enroll). See this video about the course with the instructor Sandra Crucianelli.

“We live in a sea of information” said Crucianelli to explain the goal of the course. “Today a vast amount of data circulate on the information highway and we have to know how to find them, process them, how to contextualize the data and give them meaning. Finding a scoop is like finding a pearl in the sea.”

The course will be the twelfth that the Knight Center has offered since launching its successful MOOC program in 2012, said professor Rosental Calmon Alves, founder and director of the Center.

“We are very happy to be able to count on one of the best journalism trainers in Latin America to teach data journalism to thousands of people in this massive course,” said Alves. “Always up to date on the lastest trends in journalistic digital tools and their use, Sandra Crucianelli has more than a decade of experience collaborating with the online teaching program at the Knight Center.”

As a journalist, Sandra Crucianelli specializes in investigative reporting with an emphasis on database journalism. As a recipient of the Knight International Journalism Fellowship, she has led various digital journalism projects that had as their objective the creation of new data teams in Latin American media.

The MOOC “Digital Tools for Data Journalism” will be divided into five weekly modules:

  • Data searchers
  • Data extraction and management
  • Data processing
  • Data visualization
  • Creation and functioning of data teams

The participants of this course will learn how to rescue data from the "deep web," extract data in digital encrrypted form and convert them to open data, as well as manage great volumes of information in data sets. Participants will learn to share them in the cloud and tell journalistic stories through data analysis. They will also learn to create interactive data visualizations which will give better understanding of journalistic stories.

The course includes videos, PowerPoint presentations, reading materials, exercises and quizzes. Like the other MOOCs of the Knight Center, the course will be divided into weekly modules that participants can take at any time of day to suit their needs. Each weekly module, however, will have a deadline to complete the quiz and the participate in the forums participations.

Even though the course is free, if participants would like a certificate of completion they will need to pay online an administrative cost of $30 using a credit card. The certificate will be issued only to those who participated actively in the course and completed the majority of the requirements like finishing the exercises and quizzes. Participants can download the certificate as a PDF. The course does not give any formal academic credit.

Click here to enroll in the course and enter immediately into the course platform.Please note that this course is offered only in Spanish.

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas was created in 2002 by professor Rosental Alves, Knight Chair in Journalism and UNESCO Chair in Communication of the School of Journalism at the University of Texas in Austin. The Center is housed in UT’s Moody College of Communication. Created thanks to donations by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Center has received contributions from the Open Society Foundations, among others. Most recently, the Knight Center has been financed thanks to the generous support of the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin, by modest donations of other foundations, and the public at large.

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