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Missing Mexican journalist is found decapitated in Guerrero

*This story was updated.


Víctor Fernando Álvarez Chávez (Facebook)

Mexican authorities located a cephalic body part – meaning related to the head – of a journalist who went missing from the state of Guerrero on April 2.

The body part was found on April 8 near a secondary school and genetic and forensic tests determined it belonged to Víctor Fernando “N.”, according to the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero.

Víctor Fernando Álvarez Chávez, editor and director general of the site Punto x Punto Noticias, alerted of his disappearance 24 hours after he was last seen, Periodistas Desplazados y Agredidos posted via Twitter at the time.

On April 11, the organization confirmed the discovery of his severed head by state authorities.

Freedom of expression organization Article 19 Mexico reported that he had been threatened by organized crime in the port of Acapulco just before his disappearance.

Journalists from several professional organizations protested in Acapulo on April 14 and criticized authorities for not turning the case of the journalist's disappearance over to the agency specializing in crimes against journalists in a timely manner, according to La Jornada.

*The post was updated to include information about protests against the journalist's murder.


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