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CNN overhauls its citizen journalism "iReport" to be more like a social network

After laying off 50 staff members -- many of them cameramen -- on Friday, Nov. 11, CNN is turning more to citizen journalism, revamping its CNN iReport as a "social network for news," according to The Atlantic Wire and TVNewser.

The redesigned site offers iReporters their own profile pages with statistics about page views and followers, and a new "groups" feature will let contributors "join communities and follow topics of interest to them," plus get assignments based on their interests, explained CNN. “The new iReport invites people to participate in the reporting of stories that matter to them," said Lila King, participation director for CNN Digital, as quoted by CNN.

Started in 2006, CNN's iReport was one of the first citizen journalism projects launched by a major news outlet, said the Editors' Web Log. The site receives about 15,000 contributions each month, and about 955,000 people have contributed since the initiative first launched. CNN uses about 7 percent of the citizen content from iReport, explained Poynter.

Not only is the new site focused on encouraging more citizen participation, but it also is aimed at connecting CNN with its audience, said the Nieman Journalism Lab.


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