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Debate heats up over anti-racism law in Bolivia

Senators said they will approve without any changes the controversial anti-racism law proposed by Bolivian President Evo Morales, reported La Razón. The document was approved by the lower house already, and is under discussion in the senate.

The announcement concerned the media and press organizations, which believe the law violates freedom of expression. The debate is centered around an article that proposes economic sanctions, and even the suspension of operating licenses, for media that disseminate racist ideas.

Social movements in Bolivia said that a lot of the country's media have adopted discriminatory positions, especially against indigenous peoples, explained Prensa Latina. Proponents of the law argue that it would prevent such attitudes.

Journalists, however, warn that the law could penalize them simply for writing stories about racist acts or discriminatory discourse, even if they are not in agreement with the racism they are writing about. Organizations like the Inter American Press Association and Reporters Without Borders have expressed concern, proposing modifying the article in question, added Los Tiempos.


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