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Guatemalan reporters alarmed by newspaper's seizure of cellphones

Accusations on Twitter and other social networks led the Journalistic Observatory to investigate claims that executives of the official Guatemalan newspaper, Diario de Centro América, forced employees to stay inside the building and took away their cellphones, according to the Guatemalan Center for Investigative Reports.

One of the reporters said they removed everyone's cellphone and had a meeting, but would not confirm if they had received orders not to write critical stories about the genocide hearings against ex-President Efraín Montt.

The director of Diario de Centro América, Gustavo Soberanis, said that the meeting was an administrative concern regarding company cellphones assigned to people that did not work for the newspaper, including the grandson of the ex-director, Ana María Rodas.

The Journalistic Observatory reported that they had contacted several sources, among them the Human Rights Prosecutor, which did not receive any complaints like those from the journalists.

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