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Honduran police arrest top suspect in killing of journalist

A police operation ended in the capture of Marco Álvarez Barahona, the lead suspect in the killing of radio reporter David Meza Montesinos, who was shot to death last March, La Tribuna reports. According to El Tiempo, two other suspects remain at large.

The police action took place Sept. 21, one day after the Inter-American Human Rights Commission had condemned the “persistent” aggression against journalists and media outlets in Honduras, while also criticizing impunity for the perpetrators of those crimes. This year, at least ten media workers have been killed in the country.

According to the police, Álvarez Barahona had been preparing to flee the country, though his lawyer said he planned to turn himself in, El Heraldo adds. The Committee for Freedom of Expression said the radio journalist was killed due to his coverage of organized crime in northern Honduras, Revistazo explains.

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