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Intercepted prison phone call warns Paraguayan journalist of assassination plot

Brazilian police alerted a Paraguayan journalist of a plot to kill him, reported the newspaper Última Hora. The plot to kill Cándido Figueredo, correspondent for ABC Color in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, was discovered by Brazilian authorities after intercepting a telephone call.

According to ABC Color, the threat came from the drug trafficker "Baron" Escurra, who was talking to an inmate in the Campo Grande prison in Brazil about his plans to kill Figueredo when he had the money. A report the journalist wrote accusing Escurra of drug trafficking motivated the plot, the newspaper explained.

Brazilian police immediately contacted Figueredo and let him hear the recording, the journalist explained in an interview with the radio station Ñandutí.

Figueredo regularly writes about drug trafficking and this is not the first threat on his life, reported the A Gazeta News. Reporting like this "bothers drug traffickers in the region," Figueredo explained in his interview with A Gazeta News.


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