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VIDEO: Investigative journalism in Latin America: The challenges of finding a sustainable model

Acclaimed Peruvian investigative journalist Gustavo Gorriti who is the founding director of IDL-Reporteros -- an investigative journalism website— well understands the challenges of nonprofit, digital investigative reporting in Latin America.

According to Gorriti, one of the panelists at the 12th International Symposium on Online Journalism, various independent reporting initiatives in the region are experimenting with different models of financing, as the crisis impacting traditional media has decreased funding for investigative journalism in general.

In an interview with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, Gorriti recounts the efforts of various countries to move forward with in-depth investigative reporting. Several of these initiatives count on donations from international organizations, but this type of financing is not permanent and the challenge is to find a sustainable model for the long-term. In the case of IDL-Reporteros, “we live from year to year and ours is 'do or die,'" he explained.

One of the alternatives Gorriti has considered is the creation of a model of "fair advertising" (similar to fair trade), that would allow the investigative journalism teams receive funding from responsible corporations interested in transparency.


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