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Maryland news site set to become a Facebook-only outlet

It finally happened -- the start up of a Facebook-only news organization, further demonstrating the merging of social media and journalism.

Washington, D.C. area-based community news site The Rockville Central announced that as of March 1, all of its news coverage and operations will be through its Facebook page.

it just did not make sense anymore to have the same discussions occurring on both the Rockville Central website and its Facebook page, editor Cindy Cotte Griffiths told the Nieman Lab. "Why force the two to compete with each other, when they’re actually, in general, the same conversation?" wrote Megan Garber, assistant editor for the Nieman Lab. Plus, Facebook is "where the people are."

Mashable takes a look at how journalists, such as from NPR and The New York Times, have used Facebook to source and report stories

“We’re only just beginning to see what’s possible with social journalism, as innovative journalists are reporting, finding sources and engaging with readers through Facebook Platform and Facebook products,” Facebook spokesperson Malorie Lucich told Mashable. “The possibilities are endless.”

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