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New York police ordered not to interfere with journalists covering Occupy Wall Street protests

In response to journalists' complaints that the New York City Police Department was hindering the press from covering the Occupy Wall Street protests, the police commissioner sent an internal memo to police officers, "ordering them not to unreasonably interfere with media access during news coverage and warning those who do will be subject to disciplinary action," according to the Associated Press (AP).

Further, officers were instructed that "when incidents spill over or occur on private property, members of the media will not be arrested for criminal trespass, unless an owner or representative expressly indicates that the press is not to be permitted," the AP added.

The instructions to police came after a group of journalists, including representatives from the AP, sent a letter of protest to the police department, complaining of arrests and beatings journalists had endured, and alleging the police had prevented journalists from covering the protests.

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