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ProPublica, NYT journalists among winners of ASNE best in journalism awards

The American Society of News Editors (ASNE) has announced the winners of its 2011 awards for best U.S. journalism. The awards will be presented at the annual ASNE convention, April 6-9 in San Diego, Calif.

A.C. Thompson of the online investigative news site ProPublica won the Batten Medal for his reporting on vigilantism in the days after Hurricane Katrina, including the alleged police murder and cover-up of Henry Glover, an un-armed man.

The staff of The New York Times received the award for online storytelling for "A Year at War," a multimedia project about the war in Afghanistan.

William Wan of The Washington Post was named the winner for the Freedom Forum/ASNE award for distinguished writing on diversity for various stories, such as one about an Islamic U.S. Army soldier.

Other winners included Jacquielynn Floyd of The Dallas Morning News for commentary/column writing; the staff of the Hartford (Conn.) Courant for deadline news reporting, Barbara Davidson of the Los Angeles Times for community service photojournalism; Alfred P. Doblin of The Record, Bergen County, N.J., for editorial writing; the staff of the Los Angeles Times for local accountability reporting; and Michael Kruse of the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times for non-deadline writing.


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