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Radio station owner killed as Panama media launch campaign against violence

Reporters Without Borders is calling on authorities to investigate the killing of a radio owner and program director in Panama. Darío Fernández Jaén was killed Nov. 6 in the city of Penonomé, a few minutes from the Panamanian capital.

Fernández Jaén was a member of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and three times served as governor of the province of Coclé, in central Panama, during the years 1985, 1996 and 2004. At he time of his killing, he was owner of the radio station Mi Favorita, where he hosted a political commentary program, according to the newspaper La Estrella de Panamá.

Authorities are looking into whether his killing is related to his recent Target=blank>criticisms of the allegedly irregular land titling processes in Coclé del Norte, according to Article 19.

One of the individuals identified as a suspect in the journalist's killing has been arrested and confessed to being paid to commit the crime, reported Info Lliteras.

The killing came as Panama celebrated Journalists Day on Nov. 13, and a group of journalists launched a campaign to stop violence against journalists and to demand respect for freedom of expression. Below see a video from this campaign:

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Franco Gambino wrote 5 years 42 weeks ago

Murder of Dario Fernandez in Cocle Panama

We have been working diligently on this case for nearly a year. If you are interested, we can share information with you. We have been working with the various arms of the government to help get the people involved arrested, however, our fear is that this is connected to organized crime and that they will bribe those handling the investigation to drop it.

On Friday, they arrested two others in connection with the murders, however, we feel that these people are just the front men for a larger organization which is connected to a long list of property thefts in the country of Panama.

Arrested on Friday was someone named Julian Nouvet. Julian Nouvet appears in connection with three property thefts in Cocle that we know of but he is working with a much larger group which includes attorneys Reinier Gomez Tejiera, Mayra Hall, Ricardo Alfonso Martinez Quiros, Marco Tulio Hernandez Viversicas, Edward Lombardo to name a few. The properties in question include but are not limited to property owned by the corporation Sonadora Heights, USCOLPA corp, and the Hannaman family heirs.

Please help bring justice to the murder of ex Governor Dario Fernandez. Any information is strictly confidential and can be emailed to Franco Gambino

Dario Fernandez was a leader in his community, a well respected Journalist, and was killed because he dared to speak out about this widespread property theft problem currently affecting may people in Panama.

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