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Reporters Without Borders hosts WikiLeaks mirror site; Apple drops WikiLeaks app

Reporters Without Borders has come out in support of controversial website WikiLeaks, and launched a "mirror" website with the leaked diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks had published before its own site was taken down.

“This is a gesture of support for WikiLeaks’ right to publish information without being obstructed,” Reporters Without Borders said on its website. “We defend the free flow of information on the Internet and the protection of sources, without which investigative journalism cannot exist.” Further, the group said, the attempts to shut down WikiLeaks are an attack on a "democracy watchdog."

Mirror sites are popping up as other companies block access to or support of WikiLeaks. A WikiLeaks app for the iPhone, that provided real-time updates of WikiLeaks' Twitter feed, was pulled from the Apple app store, explained Tech Crunch, adding that it was unclear why the app was removed.

Other companies, such as Bank of America, Amazon, and PayPal all have distanced themselves from WikiLeaks in recent days.

In related news, the United Nations is looking into allegations that Pfc. Bradley Manning, the Army private suspected of turning over secret documents to WikiLeaks, has been mistreated while in custody, according to the Associated Press. Also, the CIA has launched a task force to measure the impact of WikiLeaks' publication of the secret diplomatic cables and military files, the Washington Post reported.


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