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"Smart is the new sexy," says new ad campaign promoting U.S. newspapers

With more Americans reading their news online than ever, and with print circulations continuing to decline in part because of the Internet, the Newspaper Association of America has decided to fight fire with fire, launching a digital and social media campaign to promote the importance of newspapers, according to CNN.

With the ad campaign tagline of "Smart is the New Sexy," one ad reads, "Be able to find Iran on a map. Know what city council is up to, because a little depth looks great on you," reported NPR.

An upcoming election, not to mention the world financial crisis and revolutions and protests in the Arab world, mean newspapers are more important than ever, the New York Times pointed out. “Who wants to go to a cocktail party and not know what’s going on in the world?” said Mike Hughes, president of the Martin Agency that created the ad campaign, as quoted by the NY Times. “You’ll be sexier if you’re current with what’s going on in the world.”

The Quad-City Times in Iowa has taken the campaign to the next level, offering gift cards to readers who post the most "liked" response on Facebook about why the Quad-City Times makes them smart and sexy.

The Newspaper Association of America is trying to get readers engaged with the campaign, encouraging them to upload videos on Facebook or post comments to Twitter using the hashtag #smartsexy.

The six-week ad campaign will continue through the week of Dec. 12. The question, pointed out EContent, is whether six weeks is enough time to make an impact.


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