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Storify seen as innovative tool to thwart "media blackout" of social movement coverage

Storify, the media aggregation platform that aims to help “users tell stories by curating social media,” has become a prominent tool in covering the Occupy Wall Street movement.

As Poynter notes, the social media hodgepodges created via Storify are an innovative and popular way to cover social movements and breaking news.

For example, during what was touted as a “media blackout” during the Nov. 14 raid in Zuccotti Park in New York, Storify and citizen journalism became some of the primary means of coverage, according to ReadWriteWeb.

The Occupy coverage is the perfect example of why Storify was created, said co-founder Xavier Damman. "The police in New York don't realize that it doesn't matter to not have journalists on the scene because everybody is a reporter. What happened last night shows that they don't get that. Most of the content comes from the people on the ground, from the 99%,” he said, as quoted by ReadWriteWeb .

Even outside the social movement arena, Storify is beginning to gain notoriety and use as a reporting tool. Several news outlets, including the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, have made use of Storify to report stories. For example, the Washington Post used the site to showcase voter opinion on election day, even creating a side-by-side comparison of mayoral candidates.

Storify also has become an innovative teaching tool. Journalism instructors are using it “to create multimedia course content, organize handouts and teach students how to curate social media,” reported Poynter.

Burt Herman, Storify co-founder and CEO, offers this Storify tutorial video:

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