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Twitter debuts "top news" section that could help drive more traffic to media organizations

Twitter has started rolling out a "top news" section with its search results, reported TechCrunch. A similar "top people" feature also debuted.

"The fact that Twitter is testing this with news results shows how focused it is on becoming the messaging bus for all media," wrote Erick Schonfeld for TechCrunch.

Users searching for a keyword or phrase, such as "Obama," will turn up not just tweets with those search words, but also headlines and links leading to news stories about that topic, explained GigaOM, adding that the "top news" feature is only being tested and is not available to every Twitter user.

Such a "top news" section could drive more readers to news sites, Mashable pointed out.

While it is unclear how Twitter will decide which stories are worthy of being linked to as "top news," what is clear is that Twitter is moving "from being a passive conduit for messages toward actively curating Web content based on tweets," according to Poynter.

Word of the "top news" section began spreading even as Twitter launched another new feature: Twitter stories that allow users to go beyond the 140-character limit as they recount personal tales of how Twitter has impacted their lives, reported PC Magazine. Twitter stories already posted include using Twitter to chart harassment in Cairo and using Twitter for promoting transparency in Africa.


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