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U.S. detains and questions WikiLeaks researcher

Jacob Appelbaum, a volunteer security researcher for WikiLeaks – the site behind last week’s release of 92,000 classified Afghan war documents – was detained, questioned by officials at the Newark airport about his involvement with the site, and had his documents and receipts photocopied, The Independent reports.

Appelbaum has been speaking at U.S. events for WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange, who fears arrest or detainment if he enters the country.

According to CNET, Appelbaum was told that he was randomly selected for a screening, but officials asked him his opinion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Assange’s location, and confiscated his cell phones. He was eventually released and allowed to catch his connecting flight.

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Pete wrote 7 years 16 weeks ago


If Julian Assange thinks that it is alright to release 92,000 classified war documents he must either be incredibly stupid or incredibly naive.
No Government any where in the wold is going to just lay back and do nothing whilst some one distributes secret information to the whole world.
It is impossible for a government to let this sort of thing happen, or perhaps they are supposed to say that some secret information can be made public and some can't and let journalists etc decide for themselves...I don't think so!
It is either secret, and in that case it stays that way or it is not , If the government is suspected of hiding some illegal activity and is hiding behind the official secrets act then it must be revealed but it needs to be done in a different manner

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