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U.S. news site, newspaper team up for election coverage as part of collaborative journalism trend

In the latest example of news organizations pooling their resources, the St. Petersburg Times and the online news site Politico have joined forces to cover the Republican party's national convention in Florida in 2012, according to

“I think these sorts of content-sharing arrangements are the wave of the future," said Times editor Neil Brown, as quoted in Politico. The two news organizations will start sharing print and online content immediately in preparation for the Republican convention set for Tampa, Florida, in August 2012.

Politico and the Times will also "co-brand" their print and online news outlets, sharing logos and features like Politico's "Truth-O-Meter." Politico pursued the same marketing and reporting venture in 2008 with the Denver Post and the St. Paul Pioneer Press when those cities in Colorado and Minnesota hosted the Democratic and Republican national conventions, respectively.

The deal between Politico and the Times may reflect a larger trend of disparate news organizations working together. The prime example is the co-ordinated coverage by five internationally renowned newspapers of the WikiLeaks release of diplomatic cables. Other collaborative efforts include the online news site sharing content with numerous Texas newspapers as well as with the New York Times two days a week., the free online news site owned by AOL, recently worked with another online news organization, California Watch, for an investigative series on how safe are schools if a major earthquake rocked that state. As a result, published an extensive multimedia report called "On Shaky Ground."

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