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Veteran Washington Post journalist defects to Daily Beast website

The Washington Post's long-time media critic Howard Kurtz is leaving the newspaper to take a job as Washington bureau chief for the Daily Beast website, according to the Guardian.

Kurtz, who spent 29 years at the Washington Post, wrote in a farewell column that despite the belief that his leaving the Post symbolizes a "shift in the media world, from print to pixels," he still believes that "newspapers are going to be around for a long time."

Of course, he added, "a significant shift is underway."

Kurtz is not the first print journalist to make the transition to the digital world.

Longtime Newsweek reporter Howard Fineman and The York Times' Peter Goodman also recently announced that they are leaving the print business behind to work at The Huffington Post, according to the Los Angeles Times. And Yahoo News has hired USA Today's deputy managing editor, Phil Pruitt.

Listen to an NPR interview with Kurtz here.


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