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Venezuelan journalist has been in prison for a week after courts revoke his house arrest

Venezuelan journalist Leocenis García, founder and editor of the now-defunct editorial group 6to Poder, has been in prison for a week after his house arrest was revoked on July 4 and he was transferred to the jail of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN for its acronym in Spanish). Read more »

Journalists launch guide to improve coverage of the 2016 municipal elections in Brazil

Voters of 5,570 Brazilian municipalities will go to the polls this year to choose the future leaders and legislators of their cities. A journalism institute has just released an online manual to help the local journalist whose job it is to inform these citizens ahead of municipal elections.  Read more »

Peruvian journalists are criminally denounced by the government for allegedly revealing state secrets

The news team of the Sunday newscast Panorama was criminally charged by the Peruvian Defense Minister Jakke Valakivi after publishing a official secret documents that allegedly show evidence of embezzlement of resources of the Army Intelligence Service. Read more »

Brazilian editor trades newsroom for university in pursuit of answers to the challenges of digital transformation of media

Earlier this year, Brazilian journalist Ricardo Gandour traded the newsroom’s frenetic environment for a somewhat more serene atmosphere of the university. The executive side of Gandour, director of content for media company Grupo Estado, gave space to his academic side as he became a visiting scholar at Columbia Journalism School in New York City. After a six-month stint, the editor will return to Brazil next week where he intends to continue uniting theory and practice. Read more »

Death toll for Latin American journalists stands at 24 in the first six months of 2016

By Heloisa Aruth Sturm and Teresa Mioli


Twenty-four journalists were killed or died under unclear circumstances in Latin America in the first six months of 2016. Eight of these deaths were recorded just in the month of June.

More than half of the deaths registered this year occurred in only two countries: Mexico (9) and Guatemala (5). Homicides and deaths were also reported in Honduras (3), El Salvador (3), Brazil (2) and Venezuela (2). Perpetrators were identified in only five cases. Read more »

New director of Article 19 Mexico and Central America seeks to generate “empathy” for journalists

By Silvia Higuera and Teresa Mioli


The task in front of Ana María Ruelas, the new director of the Article 19 Mexico and Central America office, will not be simple. In what is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous places to be a journalist, she leads a team that fights daily for basic freedoms for communicators: access to information, protection from bodily harm and guarantees to freely carry out their work. Read more »

Update: Brazilian Journalists suffer judicial harassment after publishing reports on salaries of judges and prosecutors

Update (July 1, 2016): The legal processes and hearings against the Brazilian newspaper Gazeta do Povo were temporarily suspended on June 30 by a judge of the Federal Supreme Court, Rosa Weber, according to O Estado de S. Paulo. Read more »

Latin American journalists chronicle life on the continent in 200-word profiles as part of Somos Nosotros project

In little more than 200 words, journalists from across Latin America are telling the stories of their neighbors in highly descriptive snapshots rarely seen in traditional news stories. This is the project called Somos Nosotros. Read more »

One of the most traditional newspapers of Argentina, La Nueva, reduces print circulation to three days a week

La Nueva Provincia, one of the oldest and most traditional newspapers of Argentina that was recently renamed La Nueva, announced it will limit the circulation of its print edition to three days per week.

In a statement released on June 23, the newspaper of Bahía Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires, explained that starting on July 9 of this year, there will be no more print editions of the publication from Tuesday to Friday as part of the migration process to its digital platform Read more »

Second journalist dies in Oaxaca, Mexico in the span of a week; he was hit by police patrol car

Salvador Olmos García, a 31-year-old community radio host, is dead after being run over by a police car in Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca on June 26. Read more »

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