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ISOJ panelists showcase drones, sensors, bots and other innovative journalism tools

The first group of panelists for the 15th International Symposium for Online Journalism was not shy about showcasing their wearable sensor gadgets, story-writing algorithms, wrist-mounted cameras and even a remote-controlled drone.  Read more »

Vox Media’s Jim Bankoff @ISOJ: successful digital media depends on talented story tellers with the right tools

During the first keynote speech at the 15th International Symposium on Online Journalism, Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff listed the guiding principles that have made his company the fastest-growing media publisher in the United States: hire talented people, give them the tools to produce quality stories, and create a multidisciplinary newsroom where hacker culture meets journalism culture. Read more »

Digital news summit covers revenue sources, innovation and adapting to a new media environment

“I believe we are actually in the golden age of journalism [and] the possibilities for what is happening are really exciting,” said Michael Maness, the Knight Foundation’s Vice President for Journalism and Media Innovation, at a summit dedicated to understanding the innovative new revenue strategies digital media must adopt to sustain themselves. Read more »

New tablet magazine Symbolia pioneers "comics journalism"

A new tablet-exclusive publication launched on Monday, Dec. 3, right on the heels of the news that the first tablet-only newspaper, The Daily, would end circulation on Dec. 15. Read more »

New book makes the case for storytelling and revenue opportunities in tablets

Tablets are quickly becoming another popular platform for consumers to get their news. A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism identified that 22% of US adults own a tablet and of that group, 64% get their news on the tablet. Furthermore, they identified that of the US adults who get their news on a smartphone and tablet – that they are more engaged with the news, read more news on those devices and are more likely to pay for news content. Read more »

University to close journalism program amidst calls to improve journalism education in the U.S.

Emory University has announced it will be shutting down its journalism program in two years, a decision that contrasts sharply with recent calls for universities to improve journalism education by embracing the digital era, a necessary condition for keeping citizens informed and American democracy healthy. Read more »

Journal Register bankruptcy sparks debate about "digital first" strategy

The recent filing for bankruptcy by the Journal Register Company (JRC) has sparked a heated discussion about the company's tactics and whether John Paton's "digital first" strategy was truly attracting enough advertising revenue to sustain a newspaper company as it embraced the digital era. Read more »

Hurricane Isaac news coverage illuminates potential of hybrid form of journalism

Reporters and news organizations covering Hurricane Isaac, which left a path of destruction and flooding in U.S. Gulf Coast states last week, may have offered a glimpse into the future of journalism, suggests an industry observer for the Nieman Journalism Lab. Read more »


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