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Journalists left beaten and bruised on the eve of municipal elections in Brazil

On the eve of municipal elections in Brazil, journalists suffered assaults in several cities across the country. The assaults shared a common thread of alleged illegal behavior by candidates and their supporters. Read more »

BBC analysis highlights media bias in Venezuela as election approaches

Venezuela's presidential election will take place next Sunday, Oct. 7. In this period of the campaign, the media landscape in the country is polarized between supporters of President Hugo Chávez and opposition candidate Henrique Capriles. Read more »

Ecuadorian magazine fined $80,000 for referendum editorial

Ecuador's Electoral Court (TCE in Spanish) sentenced a magazine to pay $80,000 for publishing an editorial on Sept. 26, reported the newspaper El Universo. Read more »

Judge reverses decision to censor blog post about Brazilian mayoral candidate

The judge that ordered the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo to remove a blog post about a mayoral candidate in the Brazilian city Macapá, Amapá rescinded the decision to censor the post on Wednesday evening, Sept. 25, reported the blog's author, João Bosco Rabello. Read more »

Journalist violently beaten at campaign rally in Brazil

A Brazilian journalist for Record News was violently attacked with an iron rod, leaving him with a head injury, two broken ribs and bruises on his body, while covering a rally for a mayoral candidate in Estreito, Maranhão, reported the website Toc Notícias on Monday, Sept. 24. Read more »

Electoral court in Brazil censors blog post about arrested mayoral candidate

An Electoral Court in the Brazilian state of Macapá ordered the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo to remove a blog post by journalist João Bosco Rabello on Wednesday, Sept. 19, reported the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism. The National Association of Newspapers called the censorship "odd" and released a statement criticizing the court's decision, reported Yahoo News. Read more »

More contextualization and fact checking of politicians helps improve election coverage

During election season, political coverage takes on a central role in society and journalists come under pressure to improve news gathering. In the run up to the presidential election in the United States, fact checking of political speeches has become a growing trend.

This new approach is attributed in part to online media since the quantity of information available and the number of sources facilitates the correction of errors and lies in candidate speeches. Read more »

Venezuelan journalists hope to improve future election coverage with recommendations

Including alternative voices, differentiating between government and campaign acts, and in-depth reports on the trajectory of the candidates were some of the recommendations compiled by a group of Venezuelan journalists to make the coverage of the next presidential elections more impartial. Read more »


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