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Ecuadorian journalists win first hearing on freedom of expression in front of the Human Rights Commission

By Mónica Almeida, regional editor of the newspaper El Universo in Ecuador

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, a group of journalists and organizations defending human rights appeared at a hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), in Washington D.C., to present the problems that are affecting freedom of expression in Ecuador. Read more »

The Nicaragua Dispatch: A ‘community publication’ for the digitalized, global era

Guest post by Tim Rogers

The first time my wife sent me a Facebook IM asking if I wanted to go out for lunch, I realized – with some hesitant nostalgia – that we were about to cross another threshold into the age of digital communication. I was sitting at my computer in my home office and my wife was 20 feet away, sitting on the couch with her laptop. I could have (and perhaps should have) turned to her and nodded “yes, dear, let’s go hunt for sandwiches,” but instead I dutifully took the plunge with her into the next level of cyberdom by typing: “Si amor, vamos.” Read more »

Guest post: Brazil’s information access law and the right to know

Guest post by Fabiano Angélico*

Some scholars link the presence of a freedom of information law in a county to its level of social and economic development. After all, the first country to pass such a law was Sweden, a nation that charts highly on human development indices. The second was Finland, another place considered among the best in the world to live. The United States was the third country to pass a law guaranteeing access to public information. Read more »

Guest post: Faced with violence in Mexico, editorial standards help journalists avoid information blackouts

Guest post by Javier Garza Ramos, editorial director of the newspaper El Siglo de Torreón in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila.

The commentary Kowanin Silva, of the newspaper Vanguardia de Saltillo, wrote here last week [April 18] about the use of social networks to break the information blockade, was very correct, as publishing on Facebook or Twitter helps a newspaper to get information out immediately. Read more »

Guest post: Facebook and Twitter, Mexican journalism’s newest allies in times of violence

Violence in Saltillo has increased in recent months, putting us in new risky situations where social media is a way to break the silence enforced by criminal groups. It is not the best substitute, but considering the lack of protection journalists in Coahuila state have, there is no other option. Efforts to break down this information vacuum go hand in hand with the use of new technologies and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Read more »

Guest post: Low-cost citizen journalism project in Paraguay outs corruption, wins acclaim

Last year, ABC Digital - the online edition of ABC Color newspaper – developed a space for users to send their stories and photos, with allegations, announcements, claims, and complaints. Today, more than 25 stories are submitted by citizens daily. We have enough content to publish one an hour, and we have designed a “Positive Stories” section for readers to submit untold stories of courage, good deeds by the authorities, and acts of good citizenship. Read more »

Guest post: Saving Mexican journalism

The Knight Center invited Luis Manuel Botello of the International Center for Journalists to write about his experience attending a summit held in El Paso, TX, where editors, journalists and press freedom monitors gathered to focus on violence against journalists working along the U.S.-Mexican border. Read more »


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