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Ecuadorian parliament refuses to archive controversial media regulation bill; postpones vote

After refusing to archive the controversial media regulation bill, the National Assembly of Ecuador decided to postpone the vote on the proposal and decided that it will instead vote article by article, the news agency EFE reported on Wednesday, April 11. Read more »

Brazilian senate approves bill guaranteeing "right of reply" for offended parties to respond to criticisms in media

The Constitution and Justice Committee of the Brazilian Senate on Wednesday, March 14, approved a bill that would regulate the right of reply in the news media, reported the newspaper O Globo. Read more »

Mexican senators approve proposal to require federal authorities to investigate attacks against the press

Mexican senators approved a proposal ("dictamen de ley") that would require federal authorities to investigate, prosecute, and punish crimes against journalists or any attacks affecting the rights to access of information, freedom of expression or of the press, according to a statement from the Senate. Read more »

Brazilian newspaper Estadão's transparency blog tests country's new information access law

After Brazil passed the Access to Public Information Law only a few months ago, the newspaper O Estadão started a blog on transparency in politics which aims to provide readers with information from the government's "black boxes." Read more »

International freedom of expression organization launches Community Communication Observatory for Brazilian media

In February, an organization which defends freedom of expression, Article 19, launched the Community Communication Observatory, an online platform which aims to increase the visibility of bureaucratic difficulties and legislative problems facing community media outlets in Brazil. Read more »

Mexican TV and radio stations denounce sanctions for supposed electoral code violations

The National Chamber of the Radio and TV Industry (CIRT in Spanish), which represents the majority of the radio and TV companies in Mexico, announced that it would appeal to international bodies to denounce the current electoral law, which limits freedom of expression and press freedom, reported the newspaper El Universal. Read more »

Guatemalan bill would classify military, diplomatic records as confidential

Several freedom of information groups were outraged at a proposed reform to Guatemala's access to information law, which would make diplomatic and military documents confidential, reported the Guatemalan Center for Investigative Reporting. Read more »


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