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Retired Panamanian journalist released from jail after being arrested for 12-year-old libel lawsuit

After spending 19 days behind bars for defamation charges stemming from an article he wrote more than a decade ago, 71-year-old Panamanian journalist Carlos Nuñez was freed from jail Wednesday, July 14, reported EFE and La Estrella. Read more »

Senate committee passes bill to protect U.S. journalists abroad from libel suits

U.S. journalists and authors would be shielded from libel lawsuits filed in foreign courts under a bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Associated Press is reporting. Read more »

Argentina acknowledges it violated the human rights of journalist Eduardo Kimel

In a public act of reparation this week, Argentina has recognized its responsibility for the wrongful prison sentence of journalist Eduardo Kimel, who died in February, reported Página 12. Read more »

70-year-old reporter arrested for article written more than a decade ago

Veteran journalist Carlos Jerónimo Nuñez López was arrested Saturday, June 26, for a 12-year-old libel suit, according to Hora Cero in Panama.

The 70-year-old journalist who worked for the newspaper Crítica during the 1980s has been sentenced to one year in prison.

The National Journalists Guild (CONAPE) has called for his immediate release. Read more »

Journalist faces third trial for story about ex-mayor

After already serving a six-month sentence, Ecuadorian journalist Fredi Aponte again is in court, this time for fraudulent bankruptcy, according to El Universo.

Aponte never paid the "moral" damages stemming from a previous case that began after the radio journalist reported that the ex-mayor of Loja, José Bolívar Castillo, had illegally taken possession of some land. Read more »

Peruvian court overturns journalist’s defamation conviction

Segundo Carrascal Carrasco, editor of the weekly Nor Oriente, was released by the Supreme Court of Lima, after spending more than five months in prison for defamation, Crónica Viva reports. Read more »

Public employee drops libel charges against opinion columnist in Ecuador

The debate over criminalization of opinions and information was swept under the rug again in Ecuador. The lawsuit against the opinion editor of El Universo newspaper, Emilio Palacio, ended in surprise after a high government official withdrew the libel charges against him, El Comercio and EFE report. Read more »

Cries of censorship lead Brazil to alter internet bill

A draft law that establishes internet rights and responsibilities for citizens, business, and the government has received hundreds of responses since the online comment period began last month. Read more »

Peruvian journalist sentenced to 18 months in prison for libel

Enrique Lazo Flores, editor of the newspaper La Región, in the southern city of Ilo, Moquegua, was accused of attacking the honor of a regional politician Renato Ascuña Chavera, the Crónica Viva site reports. Read more »

Brazilian journalist on trial for his book over military regime

A former member of the secret police during the dictatorship has brought charges against Luiz Claudio Cunha for "moral harm" after being mentioned in the journalist’s book Operation Condor: The kidnapping of the Uruguayans, EFE reports (Spanish). Read more »


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