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Brazilian newspaper renovates printed edition for 87th anniversary

On Sunday, July 29, the Brazilian newspaper O Globo will launch a new design for its printed edition, to commemorate 87 years of publishing, reported the news site Jornalistas na Web. The newspaper will renovate its logos, personalize its typography, update supplements, and all pages will be printed in color.

According to the newspaper, the renovation was made by the company Cases I Associats, from Barcelona. "In the midst of so much information coming through so many different platforms for the reader throughout the day, it is print that organizes, analyzes, summarizes, and deepens debate," said Ascânio Seleme, director of the newspaper's newsroom.

Although renovations were made during November 2011, the newspaper's website will also go through some changes. For example, the website's logo will take up the center of the page and the multimedia section will be highlighted, reported the Brazilian Press Association.


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