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Reporter who tried to prohibit retweets now threatens to sue others over use of Twitter images

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 2.05Screenshot of Buhl's Twitter profile with the disclaimer, "No Tweets Are Publishable." The Knight Center removed the images in Buhl's profile from this screenshot upon her request.

A reporter who tried to restrict how others use her tweets has announced her intentions to sue several websites and Twitter users for publishing screenshots of her Twitter home page, which contain images she says are copyrighted.

Reporter Teri Buhl threatened to sue lawyer Mark BennettTechdirt and media blogger Jim Romenesko over the unauthorized use of her publicly viewable Twitter profile image, according to several emails published by the reporter. 

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas also received an email today from Buhl requesting her image be removed from a Wednesday, Feb. 6 article about the original dispute.

Buhl said in her email to the Knight Center that the photo was copyrighted and that the Knight Center's blog Journalism in the Americas did not have permission to use it. The picture in question was captured as a screenshot from Buhl’s publicly available Twitter profile and was originally attributed as, “Screen shot of Buhl's Twitter profile with the disclaimer, ‘No Tweets Are Publishable.’ Source: Twitter.” The screenshot was hyperlinked back to Buhl’s Twitter profile.

The Knight Center has removed the photos from the screenshot from her Twitter account per her request.

According to Buhl’s email, she has also asked Romenesko and Poynter to remove her picture from their websites. She added that USC Annenberg’s publication “already took it down yesterday,” Wednesday, Feb. 6. The USC link provided produced a “restricted file” request.

Romenesko responded to Buhl’s threat on Twitter, incensed that she would threaten to sue him after he provided her a platform to respond to Techdirt:


If Buhl goes through with the lawsuits, it wouldn’t be the first time unauthorized use of a copyrighted image on Twitter landed someone in legal trouble. In November 2012, Twitter suspended the parody account @NYTOnIt, for copyright infringement after the parody account used The New York Times’s iconic “T” in its profile image.


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