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Brazilian police arrest suspect in journalist's killing

Police arrested a man in São Paulo on Aug. 13 under suspicion of participating in a robbery and shooting that killed journalist Walter Pimentel, reported G1. A person in the street recognized the suspect from a police wanted poster, added the website Terra.

According to the Secretary of Public Security in São Paulo, the court ordered the suspect to be held in preventative detention. Police had still not questioned the suspect because he was under the influence of drugs when arrested.

A dozen people have given statements on the killing of 43 year-old Pimentel, reported the news site Band. On Aug. 5, the journalist was shot during the robbery of a supermarket. Police said that Pimentel tried to flee the store when the thieves grabbed him by the arms, forced him to his knees, and shot him in the head. He later died of his wound in a hospital. Pimentel was an investigative journalist for Gazeta Press, the photo and sports news agency of the Gazeta Esportiva group.

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