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Car bomb explodes in front of television station in northern Mexico

A car bomb exploded in the early hours Friday, Aug, 27, at the doors of Mexican T.V. network Televisa in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, reported CNN, El Universal and Milenio. The explosion caused damages to the building, taking the channel off the air, but hurting no one. Another bomb went off at the local transit authority, added the new agency EFE.

According to Reuters, the state of Tamaulipas, which borders the United States, recently has been the sight of some of the most violent incidents related to drug trafficking and conflicts between organized crime groups. Just days ago authorities found on a ranch in Tamaulipas 72 bodies of immigrants who had been killed by drug dealers.

Televisa, Mexico's main television channel, also was the target two week ago of separate grenade attacks in Matamoros and Monterrey. Authorities still are investigating.

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