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Explosion kills Bolivian journalist under suspicious circumstances

The Agencia de Noticias Fides (ANF) reports its news editor, David Niño de Guzmán, was found dead in an empty lot in La Paz on Thursday, April 21, with his stomach destroyed by a dynamite explosion.

The case has not been explicitly classified as a homicide, but Opinión notes the “strange circumstances” that led to the death.

We cannot rule out robbery, revenge, or homicide, we are considering several hypotheses,” said lead investigator Rosalío Álvarez, quoted by Jornadanet.

According to Eju TV, Niño de Guzmánn disappeared the night of Tuesday, April 19. His family said he received a phone call before leaving, but they do know who or what promoted him to go out. Bolpress reports that the family said the journalist was tortured before he was killed.

President Evo Morales demanded an “exhaustive investigation” into the circumstances surrounding the journalist’s death, FM Bolivia adds.

The La Paz Press Workers’ Federation urged the authorities to quickly solve the case and called for the implementation of regulations that protect the lives of journalists, Los Tiempos reports.

Niño de Guzmán’s death took place one week after TV producer Gabriel Guzmán shot and wounded by thieves in his home, Bolpress reports.

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