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Facebook reveals list of most-shared articles of 2011

Facebook has unveiled the top 40 most-shared articles of 2011 on the social network site, reported Mashable. Interestingly, all 40 came from the same six major media outlets: Yahoo (13), CNN (11), The New York Times (7), The Huffington Post (7), The Wall Street Journal (1), and the Washington Post (1).

"The stories range from cute to thought provoking," Facebook wrote.

The most-shared story -- which technically was a series of aerial photos -- was from The New York Times: "Satellite Photos of Japan, Before and After the Quake and Tsunami." The story was shared more than 600,000 times, reported the Telegraph.

Up next were three feature pieces from CNN, such as "What teachers really want to tell parents" and "No, your zodiac sign hasn't changed."

The Verge noted that it's hard to draw any real conclusions from Facebook's list, other than that "it's clear that millions of individuals" follow the same mix of traditional and new media news sites.

See the complete list of stories here.


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