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Guatemalan reporter robbed again, and another journalist killed in the capital

Marvin del Cid Acevedo, part of the investigative team for the Guatemalan newspaper elPeriódico, had his home broken into for a second time, and his laptop, where he stores all the documents associated with his journalistic work, was stolen, reported Cerigua.

The reporter, who was the victim of a similar incident three months ago, recently had published a story denouncing nepotism and embezzlement in a government department, explained elPeriódico.

In the interview in Cerigua, the journalist expressed his frustration over the robberies, and the lack of support from press organizations. He also said that for safety reasons, he is not sleeping at home.

In a separate incident, the AFP news agency reported that journalist Víctor Hugo Juárez was tortured and killed in Guatemala City by unknown persons. Juárez, 50, was owner of two online newspapers, Wanima News and Guatemala Empresarial. He was killed along with Byron Dávila Díaz, owner of a small graphic design company, added DPA.

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