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Director of Venezuelan newspaper requests investigation against National Assembly leader

The director of the Caracas newspaper, Tal Cual, Teodoro Petkoff, asked the Attorney General’s office last week to open an investigation against Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, his attorney Ytala Hernández Torres and Yurbis Sayago Ramos, notary third of Chacao, for allegedly forging public documents, embezzlement and favoring public officers.  Read more »

Brazilian congressman sues site for satirical video, accuses it of hurting religious freedom

The Delegation for Racial and Intolerance Crimes (Decradi) of the Brazilian state of São Paulo will open an investigation into a controversial video posted by the online website Porta dos Fundos to determine if any laws protecting religious freedom were broken, O Globo reported.  Read more »

IAPA welcomes Ecuadorian Constitutional Court’s decision to review lawsuit against Communications Law

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) applauded the decision by the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court to accept a lawsuit filed last year challenging the legality of the country’s controversial Organic Communications Law. IAPA was hopeful the action will refuel the debate over governmental measures set by the law that limit freedom of expression in the country. Read more »

Producers of Mexican documentary on court corruption sued for $2 billion in damages

Roberto Hernández and Layda Negrete, the producers of the Mexican documentary “Presumed Guilty,” are facing three different civil lawsuits for over two billion dollars in the Superior Court of Justice in Mexico City (TSJDF). Read more »

Peruvian journalist sues politicians, media outlets for digital intrusion as part of controversial corruption case

Peruvian investigative reporter Mónica Vecco filed a criminal complaint against five persons -- among them politicians and media directors -- for allegedly having broken into her email and using several messages out of context to accuse her of helping a fugitive escape the country. According to her complaint, the actions were part of a plan to discredit her and, ultimately, the recent congressional and journalistic efforts to investigate alleged acts of corruption committed during the administration of former Peruvian President Alán García. Read more »

Ecuadorian journalists join lawsuit seeking to strike down controversial Communications Law


A group of 60 persons -- among them journalists, politicians, writers and former Ecuadorian legislators -- have filed a new lawsuit before the Constitutional Court with the goal of revoking the country's controversial communications law, representing the second attempt to strike down the law through the courts.  Read more »

Government of Ecuador to sue newspaper La Hora for a third time

In a recent TV broadcast, President Rafael Correa questioned the decision to publish the pictures in newspaper La Hora. Photo: courtesy of newspaper El Universo.


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