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Director at new TV channel in Argentine slum is killed

Adams Ledesma, director of a news program for the cable channel Mundo Villa TV, in Villa 31, a large slum in the center of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, was stabbed to death early Saturday, Sept. 4, reported the news agency DyN and magazine Perfil.

Ledesma left his house at 4:45 in the morning after being called to help attend to an electricity problem at another residence in the community. He was found dead a half-hour later, according to La Nación. Police are investigating.

Ledesma, 33 year old, also was a correspondent for the newspaper Mundo Villa, that covers 14 communities in the Argentine capital, said Página 12.

His wife, Ruth de Ledesma, said her husband had received threats.

He was waiting for judicial authorization for official operation of Mundo Villa TV, which portrays community life and the lives of immigrants in Buenos Aires, as explained in Perfil.

Ledesma, who was born in Bolivia, is the second Bolivian journalist to be killed in Buenos Aires this year, according to La Nación.


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