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Officials complain journalist's questions too "uncomfortable" for presidential roundtable in Ecuador

An Ecuadorian journalist was denied entrance into a press meeting with the country's President, Rafael Correa, at the Teleradio Noticias station after the Secretary of Communication complained that his questions could make some officials uncomfortable, reported Fundamedios. Read more »

Colombian journalist accused of having ties to FARC sentenced for conspiracy

A Colombian judge sentenced a journalist for the crime of conspiracy, punishable with up to 18 years in prison, claiming the journalist had connections to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC in Spanish), reported Europa Press. Read more »

Argentine reporter goes on hunger strike, claiming she was fired for criticizing the government

An Argentine reporter went on a hunger strike at the end of August, six years after her contract with a television channel was not renewed, reported the news group Rosario3. "I want them to give back my voice and job," said the journalist. Read more »

Ecuadorian magazine raided by the government sues President Correa for moral damages

On Thursday, Aug. 30, the Ecuadorian magazine Vanguardia sued President Rafael Correa for $2 million in moral damages, along with the court costs and lawyer's fees, reported Europa Press and the newspaper El Comercio. Read more »

Argentine reporter says he was tortured and threatened by provincial media owner

An Argentine journalist claimed that a local media company owner tortured him with a cattle prod and beat him in the town of Ingeniero Juárez, in the northern border province of Formosa. The businessman denied the accusation, saying he only kicked the journalist three times, reported the newspaper La Arena. Read more »


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