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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance learning program?
Our program consists of short (4-6 week) online courses for journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean on a variety of topics. Courses are offered in three languages—English, Spanish and Portuguese.

How do I find out about the courses you offer?
Please visit the Online Learning section of our website (listed here) to see the course offerings we have coming. We are always featuring an upcoming course, so checking our site often is recommended.

Is there a cost for the course?
Depends on the course. Some of our courses or webinars have an administrative fee. Please see course information sheet and story for details.

How do I apply for a course?
When you visit our Online Learning section of our website, with each course offering story that is listed, an application is link is provided. Complete the application in full and submit the form. You will be notified of your acceptance in the course or not according to the dates given in the application.

What are the requirements for applying to a course?
It varies from course to course. It is recommended you visit the course offering story to find out exactly what requirements and recommendations are given before applying for the course.

I am not a journalist, can I apply for an online course?
For our online courses, they are usually offered to journalists only. Please read the course offering story carefully to see if the requirements allow applicants who are not practicing journalists.

What are the technical requirements for taking an online course?
At the minimum, it is recommended you have access to a computer with Internet access and the latest Macromedia Flash player to view multimedia files. Courses may have additional software applications required as part of the class and that information would be provided to you at time of acceptance into a course.

What is the length of an online course?
Our courses typically last from 4-6 weeks. Students are expected to complete assignments and class work on their own time within the duration of the course.

How often do I need to access the online course?
It varies. Every course will have different objectives and assignments. It is best you check into the course site daily to see if any news or information has been posted.

How much class work is given in an online course?
It varies. Each course and instructor has their own objectives and goals. However, most courses do have at least weekly deadlines that include reading, perhaps taking a quiz or test, participating in a chat or forum and completing a writing activity. Again, it depends as each course is different.

How much time is needed to devote to an online course?
For a typical online course, plan on spending anywhere from 10-12 hours a week working in the course. This time can include reviewing materials, commenting or interacting with colleagues in the class, and completing assignments.

If I have been accepted to a course and find out that I cannot take it due to other circumstances, what do I do?
If you have been accepted to a course but cannot take it, it is best to inform the Knight Center staff and online course instructor of your situation as soon as possible.

If I complete the course, do I receive a receipt of my participation?
For each course that is completed, the student will receive an electronic certificate of completion from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

I have completed the course but did not receive my certificate, whom do I contact?
Please contact your Knight Center teaching assistant and course instructor if you have not received a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

If I lose my username and password access to the course, whom do I contact?
Please contact your Knight Center teaching assistant via email to obtain the lost username and password access to the course.

If I applied to a course and was not accepted but the course is offered again, can I reapply?
Yes, you can reapply to a course if you were previously rejected from it. The application will be reviewed accordingly.


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