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The Knight Center features stories about our courses, workshops, conferences, and e-books, as well as updates from the journalism organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean that were created or strengthened with our support. You can follow this content through our blog, newsletter, RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, or by checking back here often.

How to cover elections without error: free online course in Portuguese offered by ANJ and Knight Center with Google support

More than 140 million Brazilians go to the polls this year to elect their representatives. Journalists who know how to analyze candidate’s data and election results and public opinion polls, and who can perceive what is of interest among voters, will lead electoral coverage. Read more »

How to finance independent digital media: 7 tips from Nómada in Guatemala

When I founded Nómada, the media outlet of which I am the director and main shareholder, I hardly imagined just how difficult it could be to finance quality journalism. Four years later, in the business and financial field, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to our business model. Read more »

Collaborative journalism: keys to success for transnational projects in Latin America, according to Connectas

It seems like stories with a global impact, like the Panama Papers, awoke a sleeping lion in Latin America so that all kinds of journalistic collaborations are now being produced. There are many who want to replicate this emblematic case, and some believe that it is a matter of simply applying magic formulas and voilà! You have a high-impact story. Read more »

The ten commandments of crowdfunding for journalists, based on the successful campaigns of Brazil's A Pública

Since 2013, Agência Pública has raised more funds through collective financing on the Catarse platform, the largest in Brazil, than any other journalistic organization. We held three campaigns, one every two years, to finance our Reportagem Pública (Public Report) project. In total, 2,429 readers supported us with R $231,167 (about US $67,000). Read more »

Chicas Poderosas explains how design thinking can help you become a better digital journalist

The goal with this article is to explain how can Design Thinking can help you become a better digital journalist, with a business mindset and collaborative skills. This has helped me a lot, and I hope it helps you, too. Read more »

Journalists using tools from the future –like blockchain or augmented reality– to enhance, optimize and protect their stories

New technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be important for journalism in the future, and some news organizations are already using them, according to the members of the panel “What’s Next: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, augmented reality and other tech trends that will impact journalism” from the 2018 International Symposium of Online Journalism (ISOJ). Read more »

To investigate corruption issues, Latin American journalists must reinforce their security on all fronts

Cybersecurity, legal shields and working in alliances are some of the fundamental factors to consider when conducting journalistic investigations on corruption issues in Latin America, according to speakers on the Corruption Coverage panel, held during the 11th Ibero-American Colloquium of Digital Journalism in Austin, Texas on April 15, 2018. Read more »

Ibero-American journalists innovate in content production by using new technologies and seek to create community

The Iberian American Digital Journalism Colloquium, which emerged over the years as an informal post-ISOJ (International Symposium of Online Journalism) conversation among journalists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal attending the symposium, convened an interesting group of innovative journalists for its eleventh edition. Those in attendance shared their experiences and projects at the School of Journalism at the Moody School of Communication at the University of Texas, Austin, on April 15. Read more »

Latin American innovators talk comic journalism, interactive graphics, transnational collaboration & diversifying revenue models

By Teresa Mioli and César López Linares

Innovators in Latin American journalism joined the Knight Center for the 11th Iberian American Colloquium on Digital Journalism on April 15, sharing lessons on new storytelling formats, ways to expand reach of a site’s content and revenue models that offer hope for attaining financial sustainability. Read more »


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